• Elective Mummy Blog: Week Three Elective Mummy 02 Jul 2017
    The bird mites are still crawling around my babies’ room. The ‘entomologist’ hasn’t finished analysing them apparently, in order to decide on a suitable poison. I hadn’t imagined this to be such an (...)
  • Sri Lanka is never short of signs! Michael Saunders 09 Aug 2012
    I am woken at 6am by a thunderous downpour lashing the tin roof. I try and get a little more sleep and the alarm rings at 0715. Breakfast, shower, ward 11. I am the first of the elective students to (...)
  • A surprise day off! TO THE BEACH! Michael Saunders 02 Aug 2012
    I have the day off today! It is a full moon tonight and so there is no teaching in the hospital. I have a little sleep in, another wonderful breakfast and pack my bag for the beach. One hairy bus ride (...)
  • "Hello, I'm the new elective student." Michael Saunders 30 Jul 2012
    This is it. My elective starts today! Shower, shave, breakfast and I frantically check that I have everything I need. I calculated that I don't have enough Rupees to pay them the whole fee upfront so (...)