Calling all aspiring Indiana Jones’s and Lara Croft’s. Want to find out about diving, expedition, mountain or air ambulance medicine? Then an elective with an adventurous difference could be for you.

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Faith based

Great for wandering into the unknown (both geographical and spiritual), a faith based elective is often based out of mission hospitals, some of which are really remote. These hospitals can provide an eye-opening and engaging elective experience both believers and non-believers.

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Global Health

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Holistic and Alternative - Midwifery

For many mothers, pregnancy and birth are steps on a journey. These electives will give you experience of the various alternative therapies which are used to enhance this journey. From aromatherapy placements to experience with doulas, these placements will help you become a true birth guru!

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Humanitarian work can often be tailored to a specific outreach programme as well as providing more generic and immediate medical aid. Electives with humanitarian organisations are usually eye-opening experiences, which can change your perceptions, challenge you and also be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have on your elective. We have a growing number of humanitarian electives on offer, so take a look to see if your ‘something different’ is among them.

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Non-Clinical - Midwifery

Electives aren’t just another chance to increase your number of births! They can be a great opportunity to hone your non-clinical skills as well. There is a wide range of people who contribute to the midwifery profession without needing to set foot on a ward – from women’s healthcare advocates, to researchers, to hospital administrators. This is your chance to step back from the front line, and see another side of healthcare.

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Speciality - Midwifery

Do you want to focus on your future career? Do you want to separate your CV from the rest? Then consider using your elective to specialise in certain areas. In this section you’ll find information on electives which will give you specialist experience of key areas of midwifery. So if you already know where you are heading in your career, see how you can enhance your knowledge during your elective period, and if you aren’t quite sure yet, why not give something a go?

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Speciality Electives

Do you want to focus on your future career? Do you want to separate your CV from all of your medical school colleagues? Then consider using your elective to advance your career ambitions. In this section you’ll find information on specialty electives ranging from cardiology to neurosurgery in specialist hospitals all over the world, most of which practice cutting edge medicine. So if you already know where you are heading in your career, see how you can enhance your knowledge during your elective period.

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Sports Medicine

Want to work with athletes, sports stars and local legends to make sure that they are in peak condition for training and competing in their events? This fast-growing area of medicine is great for those who love motivating others and helping people through injuries that could affect the way they see themselves.

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Tradition and Faith - Midwifery

Midwifery can mean so many different things to different people around the world: this could be your chance to change your own perspective of what it means to be a midwife! Whether you are interested in experiencing traditional ways of practicing midwifery in different parts of the world, or supporting mothers according to certain religious values, these placements could be perfect for you!

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Probably one of the fastest paced medical specialties, trauma care requires great observation and decisive action. It also varies across the world, depending on vastly different criteria, ranging from the level of the trauma centre, to the local population, to whether people are brought vast distances for treatment. For those with a keen interest in this specialty, preparation is key – these electives go fast.

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Why do something different?

Your elective is your first opportunity to work away from your school of study environment and see a different aspect of medicine. This has unique meanings for everyone, but increasingly, students are looking for a way in which their elective can be something a little bit different.

Finding something a bit different can be challenging in itself, do you want to provide humanitarian aid, learn about the non-clinical side of medicine, see unique patient populations or go on a more traditional form of adventure?

Whatever you decide to do, these alternate styles of electives can give you plenty of opportunity to explore an unusual corner of the globe or a city you’ve only seen as a tourist, or not at all. Additionally, because these electives do not fit with a traditional elective experience, you might find that your learning curve is steeper and that you find a new path to follow in medicine.

Why do something different?

  1. Doing something different can provide you with a window into a side of medicine about which you would otherwise know little, and therefore provide you with a greater range of tools in your professional life.
  2. Getting out of your proverbial ‘comfort zone’ will help you develop character and an ability to deal with the myriad conditions that your career could throw at you – just read the case studies to see how this has helped previous students.
  3. Looking at an unusual aspect of medicine, such as faith or management, can help you develop an understanding that may assist career development. Patient backgrounds and the mechanics of running a health service are both vital subliminal components to being a strong professional.
  4. Working at innovative institutions or in exotic environments can show you a whole new side to your chosen career. Great if you feel there are too many choices, or not enough that cover the scope of the medical specialties that most interest you.
  5. Sometimes, it’s good for the soul to do something that will make you smile…

So, take a look at the electives that we think might really provide you with something new and exciting, we’re sure that there’ll be something you’ll love.