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RCN Indemnity Policy details

The scheme covers you against the financial consequences of a claim against you for clinical negligence.

As an RCN member, indemnity cover is provided for you either by your employer, or by the RCN, but in certain limited circumstances you will need to purchase cover for yourself or your employees.

Most nurses and midwives work under a contract of employment and their employer is responsible for the acts and omissions of their staff. This is called “vicarious liability”. The RCN indemnity scheme cannot be used for claims that arise out of your work under a contract of employment – because your employer’s scheme will be used instead.

If you are self-employed or doing voluntary or Good Samaritan work, your cover is provided by the RCN – but there are exceptions and exclusions to this cover and you must read the RCN indemnity scheme document as a whole to be sure of your position. The information in the PDF provided may have changed since September 2016; students are advised to check for more up-to-date policy details on the RCN website.

RCN advisers are available to help you if you have any questions. You can call them on 0345 772 6100.

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