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Midwifery Today

Midwifery Today is both for and by birth practitioners. Your active participation will to help us continue to grow, and in turn, help all midwives grow. We seek your suggestions, your feedback, your written and artistic material, your goals, your commitment. If you tend to be conservative on midwifery care issues, stand up and be counted: send us your supporting articles, opinions and birth critiques. If you tend to be liberal on issues, do the same. Midwifery Today cannot function as a network without hearing directly from attendants and educators in the field. We want to know what you think and what you have experienced. Join us!
•We strive to bring you information and opinions from various belief systems and from related fields.
•We give you “soft but competent” information.
•We give you hard facts.
•We give you references, reviews, real stories.
•We gather techniques, ask you if you agree or disagree, share our teachers with you, and ask you questions.
•We give you art and science, emotion and spirit.
•We show you all sides of an issue, and leave the decisions up to you. We accomplish this style both in our publications and at our conferences.

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