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Personal Statement Advice for Newly Qualified Midwives (SMNet)

Read the Job Description and Person Specification
Structure your personal statement the same way as the person specification this will ensure your PS is easy to read and will easily equate to the selection grid, that way you have more chance of scoring highly at the initial selection page.

Ensure you cover the main areas as outlined in the job description – use examples to demonstrate your suitability for the role.

Your passion
Start with why you want the job, let your passion and commitment to midwifery jump off the page.

Outline your Education
Briefly outline modules that you have achieved and how you have taken them into practice – give examples of where you have worked i.e. delivery, post natal, EPAC, theatre etc. Show that you have achieved a good solid base in midwifery both academically and in practice. Refer to inter-professional learning and evidence based practice.

Your experience
Use this section to expand upon your practice experience. Note your achievements and any difficult situations you have managed/experience and how this has informed your practice. This would be the perfect point to mention the challenges you faced during your elective.

Outline your excellent communication skills, give practice examples. Refer to multidisciplinary team working.

Time Management
Outline your excellent time management and prioritising skills and give an example.

Flexibility & Team Playing
Outline how you have been flexible, adaptable and an excellent team player. Give an example.

Independent Practitioner
Outline how you work as an independent practitioner, being an advocate for women….

Continued Professional Development
Outline which skills you want to focus on developing and briefly describe your commitment to CPD and advancing your own practice and skills.

Groups/Campaigns Outline any groups, organisations or campaigns that you have been part of, state your role, what you achieved and how this has informed your practice. » go to website