Hospital Carlos Van Buren Valparaiso, Chile

Hospital description

The Hospital Carlos Van Buren is situated in Valparaiso on the coast to the west of Santiago. Valparaiso is the regional capital and in important seaport in Chile; it is also the third largest centre of population in the country.

The hospital has a very long history, stretching back in some form to the first Spanish settlers of Chile. The hospital provides a range of services, including complex care for the greater region. It is also the second ranking neurosurgical centre in the country. Hospital Carlos Van Buren is a public health facility, that is aprt of an integrated network of Valparaiso Health Services in the San Antonio region. The facility is dedicated to providing timely, quality services to the local community through a multidisciplinary team and specialised services.


Hospital type District General Hospital
Funding Status Public
Number of Beds 750


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