St Lucia Mental Wellness Center Castries, St. Lucia

Hospital description

St Lucia Mental Wellness Center is a specialist mental hospital in St Lucia. The hospital is the only one of its kind on St Lucia and it is completely government funded. The hospital opened in 2009 as a replacement for the Golden Hope Mental Hospital. The hospital was partly funded by the Chinese government and has positioned St Lucia well in terms of psychiatric care in the Caribbean. The new facility uses a best practice standard that includes reducing the dependence on institutionalized custodial care and replacing it with rehabilitative and residential facilities.

The staff, patients and equipment from Golden Hope were transferred to the hospital when it was handed to the St Lucian government from the governments of China and Taiwan. The hospital was seen as a reference to increased ties between the island and the east Asian countries. The hospital is also affiliated with the Atlantic University School of Medicine, which is co-located with the centre.


Hospital type Specialist Hospital/Clinic
Funding Status Public
Number of Beds 108


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Most recently answered

Q Hi, We are having a similar issue to the one highlighted previously and cant seem to get through to anyone. Are there any revised contact details?

Asked by Daniel (studying medicine)

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Q Hi. Having rung the contact number given here, I found that Atlantic University are no longer affiliated with the Wellness Center and was told I would need to contact the Center directly. I'm struggling to find a contact number for them - would it be possible to get up to date details for them?

Asked by Tamsin (studying medicine)

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