Vila Central Hospital Port Vila, Vanuatu

Hospital description

The hospital is in the city of Port Vila on the main island (Efate). The hospital is set on the side of a hill overlooking a lagoon and is 10 minutes walk from the town centre. The hospital has 4 wards – medical, surgical, paediatric and maternity, as well as 2 theatres, a radiology department (with ultrasound) and a very busy outpatients. The staff have high morales and are extremely friendly. They are very willing to help with language difficulties and include the students in sporting activities.


Hospital type District General Hospital
Funding Status Public
Hospital Setting Rural
Number of Beds 200+
Number of Doctors 6


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Most recently answered

Q I am also having difficulty contacting the hospital via both emails and phone call. If anyone has some tips regarding contacting the hospital it would be much appreciated! I.e. how long each email took for responses/ when to call is best?

Asked by laura (studying medicine)

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Q Hello, I have tried calling at various times for the past week, however, no one is answering. Does anyone know if the number +678 22100 is correct? Or is there another number to try? Thanks

Asked by Benjamin (studying medicine)

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Q Sorry this isn't really a question, but I am at Port Vila hospital, just arrived. I had a similar problem with getting in contact with the hospital before I arrived. Apparently this is because the original administrator (Asha Sine) left without handing anything over. Therefore the new person to contact is Prisca Michel, who unfortunately doesn't always reply to emails ( Or I tried emailing and they passed my email on. Otherwise call and ask to be put through to Prisca, they do eventually pick up! Although Prisca may not be there, especially at lunch time. Otherwise if you already have things organised can probably just pitch up and should be fine. I am happy to be contacted by other students if they wish.

Asked by Lorna (studying medicine)

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