Kachere Rehabilitation Centre Blantyre, Malawi

Hospital description

The Kachere Rehabilitation centre was opened 12 years ago, funded entirely by international donations. It is the only rehabilitation centre for all of Malawi and is located in the southern region in the city of Blantyre. Originally it was opened under the name ‘Malawi Against Polio’, (MAP) until Polio was eradicated. Since then, it has opened its doors to those with any diagnosis and needing rehabilitation services. Currently the most common disabilities seen at Kachere are due to stroke, spinal cord injury, amputation due to chronic infection such as osteomeyelitis, and various disabilities related to HIV infections. The referral source is often the acute hospital across the road, called Queen Elizabeth Hospital, or from the community outreach therapists. Kachere provides services free of charge. The centre does generate revenue from some projects for which there are fees charged, such as private physiotherapy service, and rental of equipment to those who can afford it.

Kachere is a 40 bed inpatient facility for adults. There are 2 Physiotherapists, 4 Rehabilitation Technicians, and one OT.


Hospital type Specialist Hospital/Clinic
Funding Status NGO/Charity
Number of Beds 40


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