Coast Province General Hospital Kenya

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The hospital has a specialist AIDS Centre. The AIDS Research and Family Care Clinic (ARFCC) is an initiative established in May 2001 at the Coast Province General Hospital in the city of Mombasa, Kenya. The hospital is the city’s largest public health care facility and provides services to about 800 HIV positive pregnant women each year. ARFCC is a joint venture between New York University’s School of Medicine and King Cole Inc. which is a ‘non profit making’ institution that supports innovative HIV/AIDS programs in the developing world.
The aim of the clinic is to offer treatments to HIV-infected pregnant women to prevent pediatric infection and also to provide a comprehensive range of medical and psychosocial services to families living with HIV. The clinic facilities are complemented by a dedicated state-of-the-art laboratory which offers free HIV tests, CD4 counts and a specialized test to aid in the early diagnosis of HIV-infected infants.


Hospital type District General Hospital


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Most recently answered

Q Hi, I'm a UK medical student due to do my elective at the Coast Provincial General Hospital in May. A 5 day course of PEP is costing £200 from our OH department. In the rare event of a needle-stick accident, am I right in assuming that PEP will be easily accessible (in the Hospital or region), considering the hospital has a specialist HIV unit?

Asked by Dipti (studying medicine)

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Q Just wondered if anyone could recommend any accommodation in Mombasa suitable for this elective? Thank you.

Asked by Harry (studying medicine)

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