Ishaka Adventist Hospital Bushenyi, Uganda

Hospital description

The Ishaka Adventist Hospital (IAH), which was founded in 1950, is a community hospital in the town of Ishaka, Bushenyi District, Western Uganda. The hospital is a mission facility administrated by the Seventh Day Adventist Church and it caters for the local population, who are mainly subsistance farmers. The hospital is located 77 kilometres west of Mbarara, which is the largest town in the sub-region. The hospital also maintains a training school for nurses and there is a large nursing cohort on the staff. The hospital specialises in maternity care and infectious diseases.

IAH is affiliated with the American Loma Linda University, which is located in Loma Linda, California.


Hospital type Missionary Hospital
Funding Status NGO/Charity
Number of Beds 110
Number of Doctors 3


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