Lady Ridgeway Children's Hospital Western, Sri Lanka

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The Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital, named for the wife of Sri Lankan Governor Sir Joseph West Ridgeway in 1910, is a central referral point for children from all over the country who need specialised Paediatric Medical and-Surgical treatment. It acts as a premier teaching hospital under the Ministry of Health and is responsible for training undergraduates and postgraduates in paediatric medicine and paediatric surgery. The hospital is affiliated to the Faculty of Medicine and The Postgraduate Institute of Medicine of The University of Colombo.

The hospital specialises in all of the major paediatric specialties, caring for children under twelve years of age. The outpatient clinics treat between 2,500 and 3,000 children daily, of which between 250 and 300 are admitted each day, so the hospital is always very busy. The hospital caters to the medical, surgical and mental needs of children across Sri Lanka. Currently, it has close to 1,000 beds catering purely for children under twelve years old.

The Health Services Unit at Lady Ridgeway Hospital is composed of six general Paediatric medical units, four Paediatric surgical units, an Orthopedic unit, a Plastic Surgery unit, a Cardiology unit, Cardiothoracic unit, Ophthalmology unit, Accident and Emergency care unit, Paediatric Rheumatology and Rehabilitation unit, Child Psychiatry unit, medical surgical Intensive Care units, Isolation unit, Burns unit Catheter lab, Dermatology unit, Orthodontic unit and Special Care Baby unit. In addition to this there is Radiology, Pathology and Anesthesiology departments.

Applications for this hospital now go through the University of Colombo. For further information on the application procedure, please click here.


Hospital type Referral/Teaching Hospital
Funding Status Public
Hospital Setting Urban
Number of Beds 1102
Number of Doctors 317 d

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Q Hi, I have tried visiting the university website at but the link appears to not be working. Is there another link I could use to contact them? Thanks, Josh

Asked by Joshua (studying medicine)

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Q Hi, I have attempted to contact the hospital via the email address but have not heard back from them for a few weeks. Is there another email address I could contact them through? Thanks so much, Maddy.

Asked by Maddy (studying medicine)

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Q Dear Sir/Madam, I have attempted to get in contact with the Lady Ridgeway Hospital in Sri Lanka, using the email address provided ( the email would not go through. On further inspection their website does not seem to be registered to the organisation any longer. Could you possibly provide up to date contact information, as I have been unable to find any elsewhere? Many thanks. Yours Faithfully, Natasha Hart

Asked by Natasha (studying medicine)

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