37 Military Hospital Accra, Ghana

Hospital description

This was a originally a military hospital which has recently undergone expansion and is now open to the general public. Its facilities include a twenty four hour Emergency Department. The hospital is also accredited for post-graduate medical teaching in Ghana. 37 Military Hospital is situated about 4 km from the Accra International Airport on the main Airport-Accra-Central Road. This is a fairly central location and it means that the hospital is very accessible from every direction by vehicle.

The hospital has been organised into working units or sub-units, which has created a good standard of structure within the facility. The Divisions and Departments (the units) are developed and joined according to medical, paramedical and administrative lines and each of these units has its own departmental head. The hospital is still staffed by military personnel and now also houses a training facility.

The departments at the hospital include;
•Accident & Emergency
•Dental Division
•Public Health Division
•Medical Division
•Medical Reception Stations
•Obstetrics & Gynaecology
•Paediatric Division
•Pathlogy Division
•Pharmacy Division
•Radio Diagnosis & X-Ray
•Surgical Division
•Veterinary Division
•Training School


Hospital type Military Hospital
Funding Status Public
Hospital Setting Urban
Number of Beds 400


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Q Hi, Have just tried to email the hospital enquiring about an elective hospital, but the email address was 'unroutable'. Do you know if they have changed or updated the address? Thanks. Emily

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