Chengdu Sports Hospital (Projects Abroad) Chengdu, China

Hospital description

This elective is organised through Projects Abroad.

Chengdu Institute of Physical Education Sports Hospital is affiliated under the care of Marshal He Long. The hospital was opened in 1958 by the late President of the Chinese Martial Arts Association, the famous orthopaedic expert’s centre of excellence.

The hospital provides diagnosis and treatment of injury, and sends doctors to take care of national sports teams at provincial team training and competitions.

The Hospital environment is beautiful; fully equipped with modern laminar flow operating rooms and preparation rooms; with CR, arthroscopy, PLDD laser treatment, treatment for osteoporosis, bone age prediction instrument, high-frequency mobile X-ray machines, wax treatment machines and other advanced diagnostic equipment.

Hospital services range from the use of “Chinese-based, integrative medicine” to treating various orthopaedic disorders, such as bone disease, various types of fracture, dislocation, acute and chronic soft tissue injuries, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, disc disease, sciatic nerve pain, osteonecrosis, bone and joint degenerative diseases, sports injuries and so on.


Funding Status Public
Number of Doctors 30


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