Hospital Domingo Funes (Projects Abroad) Cordoba, Argentina

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This elective is organised by Projects Abroad.

The Domingo Funes Hospital is a provincial public health facility located 50 km from the city of Córdoba.

Originally, the hospital was created for patients with TB due to the belief they could heal more quickly surrounded by nature and pure air.

The hospital is in the middle of the mountains and has the structure of a huge hotel with big windows overlooking the hills.

Since its creation in 1939, the establishment went through several periods, from being a national TB hospital to a provincial multispecialty and academic institution.

Doctors here are kind and welcoming, making this an ideal place for our interns to work at. Also, this placement offers you the wonderful opportunity to work with experienced doctors in a number of different departments.
Hospital Domingo Funes is located in the small town of Villa Caeiro, about an hour and 15 minutes from Córdoba.

You will live in the small town of Cabalango when working at this hospital with doctors that work there every morning.

It is very easy to get to Córdoba by taking the buses from either the Córdoba bus terminals or Villa Caeiro bus stops.


Hospital type Other
Funding Status Public


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Our `on the ground` section contain inside knowledge about Hospital Domingo Funes (Projects Abroad)
collected by the TEN team, including information about teaching, research
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