Hospital Pediátrico del Niño Jesús (Projects Abroad) Cordoba, Argentina

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This elective is organised by Projects Abroad.

Probably the biggest pediatric hospital in Córdoba city, Hospital del Niño Jesús has a wide range of departments. They deal with children from 0 to 15 years old. Nowadays, some departments take care of adults as well. This is a public hospital funded by the government.
They have a good dentistry department in this hopital, so it is a good placement for both Medicine and Dentsitry interns. On our medical placements, your role is that of an intern. You will be assigned to a doctor who will act as your supervisor.
You will learn through observing what the doctors and nurses do and they will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please appreciate, however, that all the medical staff here are very busy.
Although you will find that you spend a lot of time learning just by shadowing the staff, it is sometimes possible to have a more active role.
If you show enthusiasm and initiative, and you manage to develop a good relationship with the medical staff, you may find that you gain enough trust to be given more to do.
As with any job – and especially in the field of medicine – you must prove yourself to be trustworthy before you are given greater responsibilities.
However, please do not be disappointed if your role is not as active as you had hoped; if you have had no previous experience of the medical practice it is highly unlikely that you will be trusted to help with complex procedures such as operations


Hospital type Specialist Hospital/Clinic
Funding Status Public
Number of Beds 150
Number of Doctors 82


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