Maternity Les Orangers (Projects Abroad) Rabat, Morocco

Hospital description

Maternity Les Orangers Hospital started around fifty years ago. It is specialised in obstetrics & gynecology. It has a great number of doctors and nurses who between take turns to make sure all admitted patients are receiving treatment.

Maternity Les Orangers Hospital is located in Centre Ville; in a walking distance from the medina where most volunteers live.

Your will be walking though the main avenue of Centre Ville, called Mohammed the 5th Avenue. It is very French looking with beautiful buildings and attractive palm trees.


Hospital type Specialist Hospital/Clinic
Number of Beds 80
Number of Doctors 37


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Our `on the ground` section contain inside knowledge about Maternity Les Orangers (Projects Abroad)
collected by the TEN team, including information about teaching, research
and living in the area.

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