Manchester Health Centre (Projects Abroad) Manchester, Jamaica, Jamaica

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The Manchester Infirmary was established more than 100 years ago and was popularly known then as Alms House. The name has since changed to the Manchester Infirmary. The property on which the facility sits was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Errons. The first building that was on the property was the home of the Matron, the second floor housed only seven males at the time. The Infirmary is located in the community of Grey Ground, two and a half miles from Mandeville.

Primary oversight and management of the facility is done by the Manchester Parish Council and the local Government. The Infirmary accommodates both males and females and currently caters to 97 residents, 43 females and 50 males. Residents are between age 50 and 90 and most are unable to speak due to varied illnesses and neurological disorders. The facility has a staff compliment of 24 with a Matron who is the manager and the assistant Matron who is second in command. Other staff members are ward assistants, cooks, and grounds men. The staff is rotated based on the infirmary’s 3 shift system which is 7:00am- 2:00pm, 2:00pm –10:00pm and 10:00pm – 7:00pm. Residents are given complete medical care and are seen once each month by a government assigned physician. A mental health team also visits once every month.
The residents at the Manchester Infirmary are financially deprived and as such are unable to take care of themselves. They are placed in this facility and the state takes care of their needs. Many of them have a lot of spare time and an occupational therapist would help them to make good use of their time during the day.

Manchester Infirmary is located in the community of Grey Ground which is approximately 15 minutes drive via taxi from the town centre of Mandeville.


Funding Status NGO/Charity
Number of Beds 97
Number of Doctors 24


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