Hanyang University Hospital Seoul, South Korea

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Hanyang University Hospital was founded in 1972 and now has 840 beds and operates customer oriented specialized centers such as an organ transplantation center, a digestive organ center and a cancer center. The Cancer Center consists of high-tech testing equipment and can provide medical treatments suitable for patients with all types of cancer. The center also has an education team, comprising of nurses specialised in Tumors, clinical nutritionist and pharmacists to provide
step-by-step education suitable for individual patients through pre and post operation management.

The hospital has accomplished results in the conquest of modern incurable diseases by success of organ transplantation and through the introduction of high end cancer therapy and the next generation da Vinch-S for the most advanced robot surgery.

In June 1989 the hospital was established as the Hospital for Rheumatic Disease Hanyang University and was the first of its kind in the nation. The hospital has a rheumatic division containing a joint rehabilitation division, a pain treatment division, an early arthritis division and facilities for rheumatic radiology and orthopedic surgery. The Hospital for Rheumatic Disease conducts joint studies and engages in academic cooperation with prominent universities and research organisations in the U.S and Japan.

The hospital specialises in orthopedic surgery and offers total hip arthroplasty as one of the specialised divisions. Academic achievement and accumulated experience has resulted in 300 to 400 cases of total his replacement arthroplasty in one year for one of the hospitals specialised clinics.

The hospital also offers one-stop evaluation and treatment to help improve quality of life for patients with degenerate neurological diseases. The Lou Gehrig Disease Clinic was established to develop new medical treatments and to conduct research on the cause of the disease.


Hospital type Referral/Teaching Hospital
Number of Beds 840
Number of Doctors 700


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