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Student elective placements with Global Medical Projects

Our medical elective placements take away the hassle and stress of organising your elective.

Our placements are often ‘back to basics’ and low-tech medicine. In poorer countries medical care is expensive and often patients can’t afford treatments. You may be working with a doctor trying to establish the extent of injuries sustained in an accident when the patient can’t afford x-rays, or see patients with illnesses eradicated in more affluent countries, such as TB and polio. You will also gain experience in the treatment of tropical and infectious diseases we just don’t see, such as malaria, typhoid or bilharzia.

Additionally, the availability of drugs, equipment and training are vastly different to home. In Tanzania, it’s not unknown for doctors to prescribe traditional remedies because western drugs are in short supply and in Ghana brand new and fully equipped operating theaters used as storerooms because staff haven’t been trained in the use of the new equipment.

Global Medical Projects are specialists in arranging worthwhile overseas medical placements. All our medical placements, but particularly our electives, are tailored to your background, clinical experience, objectives and also the requirements of your medical school.

Your placements are flexible and dates can be arranged to suit you. You can join us from 2 weeks to 4 months.

Your accommodation is included and is either in shared houses with other participants, in hospital accommodation, hostels or with local families. In all cases, you will stay with, or very close to, other volunteers and participants.

Weekends are free and it’s common for participants to get together to travel in their free time.

Elective placements
You can conduct elective placements in the following subjects:
• Medicine
• Nursing (inc Midwifery and Mental Health)
• Dentistry
• Physiotherapy
• Radiography
• Paramedics

Elective destinations
You can arrange your elective placements in the following countries:
Romania (Physiotherapy only)

Additional projects and add-ons
You can also elect to add-on the following projects:
• Rural outreach / inoculation projects
HIV awareness
• Alternative / herbal / tribal / complimentary therapies
• Orphanage projects

What’s next?
You can sign up for our placements here or contact us to find out more.

When you sign up, you will be appointed a UK based desk officer who will discuss your preferred arrival dates and aims. We’ll ask you to send us a CV / resume detailing your background, clinical experience and objectives. We will then send you detailed pre-departure information covering the following:

• Placement details
• Placement supervisor
• Accommodation details
• Health and inoculation advice
• Visa advice
• Clothing and things to take

Your desk officer will also be on hand to provide any supporting documents that you might need for bursaries, supervisors and risk assessments.

We work with the following hospitals around the world:

Central Regional Hospital
• University Hospital
• Various outreach clinics
• Apam District Hospital
St Elizabeth’s Hospital
• West Meru Hospital
AICC Hospital
• Sree Gokulum Medical College and Research Foundation
• Sree Gokulum Nursing College
• Sneha Health Care Centre
• Ananthapuri Hospital and Research Institute
Trivandrum Government Medical College
Mexico – Guadalajara
• Centro Medico de Occident
• Hospital Civil
• Cruz Verde (Green Cross Emergency Clinic)
Mexico – Puerto Vallarta
• clinica de fisioterapia CIRIAC (Physiotherapy Clinic)
• Cruz Roja (Red Cross Emergency Clinic)
• Anzhen Hospital
• Haidian Disabled Children’s Hospital
Takhmau Referral hospital
• Takeo District Hospital
• Takeo Eye Hospital
Preah Ket Mealea Hospital
• Chance Association Physiotherapy Clinic

Tel: +44 (0)191 222 0404

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