Jinja Regional Referral Hospital (Act4Africa) Jinja, Uganda

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This placement is organised by Act 4 Africa

Jinja Hospital is the largest hospital in Eastern Uganda, with 600 beds, although many more patients are admitted.

It is the Regional Referral Hospital for eight surrounding districts and is also an Internship Hospital, where graduates of Ugandan medical schools can undergo a year of internship under the supervision of consultants and specialists in the designated medical and surgical disciplines. The vision of the hospital is to be a regional centre of excellence in providing specialised and general health care, improve access to the hospital, to conduct training and research and improve the quality of service for the people of the Busoga region.

Annexed to Jinja Hospital is Nalufenya Children’s Hospital and you can spend some time within the Children’s Hospital as part of your time at Jinja Hospital.


Hospital type Referral/Teaching Hospital
Funding Status Public
Number of Beds 600

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Electives Network says:

Jinja rests on the shores of Lake Victoria. Students are based in a busy general hospital and accommodated close by, in a delightful residential guest house. Within walking distance of the hospital, the accommodation is secure and friendly with a live-in housekeeper – Zai is a fantastic cook and will make you feel very at home.

A weekend in Jinja could include the chance to experience the “adrenaline rush” of white water rafting on the mighty River Nile or bungee jumping. Horseriding, quadbiking, and rafting are all available locally.

For a more relaxing weekend or day off, various hotels have swimming pools that charge around $5 for the day e.g. The Paradise (in town) Kingfisher, Nile Resort. There are numerous places to eat and/or have coffee around Jinja.

Transport is by boda boda (you sit on the back of bicycle); picci picci (motor bikes which take up to 2 people, but safer with 1) – no helmets are provided so you may wish to take own helmet with you; or taxis can take 4 people comfortably.

Tours can be arranged by local guides to places such as the Source of the Nile, Lake Victoria and the Nile Brewery. Why not take a boat trip (1.5 hours approx) on the River Nile. You’ll see the cave of the late Bujagali where he used to perform his ancestral activities. He was a local man who legend says used traditional bark cloth to surf down the Falls without entering the water. You will also see a number of bird and animal species including cormorants, doves, kingfishers and often monitor lizards.

Nearby Mabira Forest Reserve is one of Africa’s last remaining equatorial hardwood rainforests. It has an enormous biodiversity including 315 bird species, 312 tree species, 218 species of butterfly, 97 species of moth, 40 species of small mammals including red – tailed monkeys, vervets, and grey-cheeked mangabeys. Many are endangered and so Mabira is a internationally recognised eco-wildlife destination. Facilities at Mabira include a 25km circular cycle trail, walking trails, forest guides, visitor centre and refreshments.

More locally, tours can be arranged around the Jinja area or to visit local villages. Here you will experience day-to-day life in a typical rural African village. You will discover how people live and work here, see how homes are built and how local food is grown and cooked. You will see the local flora and fauna on a traditional smallholding. You can even help with daily tasks such as farming, preparing food and making traditional crafts. You may get the chance to try on traditional clothing (Gomez and Kanzu). Yours often include a delicious lunch, cooked and served in the village.

If you want a full on safari experience over a long weekend that can be arranged through our recommended provider. They will pick you up and you can experience the amazing wildlife on offer at Murchison falls.

Local accommodation

Provided by the hospital: No
Setting: Proviced by Act4Africa

Case studies from Jinja Regional Referral Hospital (Act4Africa)

Grace Bennett and Eleanor Crane
Jinja (2015)
Uganda with Act4Africa…

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Contact address No specific application address. Please use main hospital address:
Baxi Road

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Contact address No specific application address. Please use main hospital address:
Baxi Road

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