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Missionary Hospital | Luanshya, Zambia

Hospital description

The Mpongwe Mission Hospital is located in the Mpongwe district in the Copperbelt region of Zambia and it plays a vital role in the healthcare of the local population. The hospital beginnings date back beyond 1997, but it was in this year that a local bishop sought the help of the charity Health Help International to help find a permanent doctor for the mission, which had been without a doctor for a number of years. Mpongwe is now admisitrated by the Mpongwe Baptist Association and is relatively well-equipped for a rural hospital, although staffing levels still fall short of Zambian healthcare guidelines, which stipulate that the hospital should have five doctors and 50 nursing staff. Visiting doctors and nurses therefore still play a pivotal role in the development and care offered at the hospital.

Mpongwe runs an active HIV/AIDS treatment programme as 16-20 percent of adults in the locality are infected by HIV/AIDs. Other common illnesses that are diagnosed at the hospital include malaria, neonatal causes including pneumonia and diarrhoeal diseases, and malnutrition. There is also a high proportion of orphans in the area, and the hospital is also charged with providing care for these children.

The hospital provides major primary care services and clinical services. These services include general surgery, obstetrics, maternity, gynaecology, orthopaedics, urology and dental surgery.

MMH runs a series of special programmes:
• Malaria (mosquito nets, research for a new vaccine, education etc)
• TB (research and methods for follow up, education and preventive measures)
HIV/AIDs (ARV drugs, consultations, support, nutritional supplements, etc).

Further information about the mission hospital can be found at the Health Help International website, which provided support during the establishment of the hospital. (TEN is not responsible for external site content).

The hospital has had ana association with the National University of Ireland in Galway since 2007, with students travelling to the hospital for electives.


Hospital type Missionary Hospital
Local language English
Funding Status NGO/Charity


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