Bindura Provincial Hospital Bindura, Zimbabwe

Hospital description

The Bindura Provinical Hospital is a public hospital in the Mashonaland region of Zimbabwe. The hospital is located in Bindura which is the provincial capital and which has a population in excess of 20,000. The hospital is one of two in the region; it is government owned and has a dedicated maternity ward, which takes up 25% of the bed capacity (it has 49 of the total beds). Although there are relatively few doctors at the hospital there is a large nursing contingent.

In 2003 the hospital piloted a Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) programme to prevent HIV/AIDS being passed on to children from their mothers. The results of this scheme were not positive as many patients did not follow up with anti-retroviral treatments.

Bindura is in the north east of the country and was previously an established mining area.


Hospital type District General Hospital
Funding Status Public
Number of Beds 208
Number of Doctors 3


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