Hospital Nacional Dr. Mario Catarino Rivas San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Hospital description

The Hospital Nacional Dr Mario Catarino Rivas opened in 1989 and is also called the “Metropolitan Hospital”. It is the largest medical centre in Honduras and is also named as a national hospital. . It opened to the public in 1990 and is named for Dr Mario Catarino Rivas, who was a prominent physician who devoted his life to the medical profession and promoted humanitarian values in medical care, without making distinctions between patients. Dr Rivas is considered an example for future generations of Honduras.

The hospital provides a wide variety of medical services but is struggling financially and in terms of equipment; there is often problems with providing basic items such as latex gloves. The hospital has been assisted by several organisations, including Border Crossers for Christ, which has supplied x-ray equipment through hospiutal transfers from Minnesota.


Hospital type District General Hospital
Funding Status Public
Number of Beds 377


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