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Located 150 miles from the capital, the Tenwek Hospital is easily accessible by road, and air travel there is feasible. It is one of the largest mission hospitals in Africa. Though the hospital is located in an equatorial region, the climate is very temperate due to the local elevation and high annual rainfall. This means that Tenwek and the surrounding rural area are generally fairly green and (relatively) cool for a good part of the year. The hospital was established in 1935 by World Gospel Mission missionaries, but did not have a full time doctor until 1959. Since this alteration Tenwek has been able to grow from a 35 bed cottage hospital to a 300 bed referral centre that is a major medical centre in the region.

Tenwek Hospital provides primary health care for 600,000 people in the local area, but serves as a referral hospital for most of Western Kenya. Tenwek is administered as a subsidiary of Africa Gospel Church in cooperation with World Gospel Mission and has links to Linking Hands, an American charity that aims to link ‘global partnerships with mission hospitals.’

Tenwek provides for all areas of inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical care and can see up to 100,000 out patients and 13,000 inpatients annually. In addition to these figures, the hospital carries out a range of surgical procedures each year; some 2,000 of these are major operations, whilst the re are nearly 3,000 minor operations. As it is a mission hospital, the number of medical staff at Tenwek varies throughout the year, although there is usually two full-time surgeons, one paediatrician, two family doctors, one obstetrician and three general practitioners on full-time staff. This can be supplemented in any one year with between 30-40 visiting doctors and 10-15 resident physicians. Whilst these are predominantly from the USA, some of the visiting medical staff are from Europe, Australia, South America, and Asia.


Hospital type Missionary Hospital
Local language Kipsigis, Kiswahili
Funding Status Public


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