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Situated in the remote town of Nansang, the hospital is one of three to serve the population of just over 1 million. It has extremely limited resources which are made worse by arrivals from bordering countries. The hospital relies heavily on donations from a UK based charity.

The Gambia is a small country, 30 miles wide and 295 miles in length, situated on the West African coast. It stretches inland on both sides of the River Gambia and is totally surrounded by the country of Senegal. Within the borders of The Gambia live over 1,100,000 people and they rely on three government-run hospitals to dispense their essential life saving health care.

Successive Gambian Governments have striven relentlessly to offer the health service as much resources as the meager and hard pressed economy will allow. Unfortunately the economy just does not generate enough money to satisfy the enormous demands that these high use hospital facilities require. The consequence of this shortfall in finances is a health service that is constantly functioning close to and at times well below crisis point.

Bansang Hospital stands deep in the African bush, 200 miles east by road from the coast and is responsible for the health care needs of some 600,000 Gambians. Additional strains are placed on its extremely limited resources with the constant arrival of patients from, Senegal, Mali, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry and refugees from Sierra Leone.

The health care for this vast community is dispensed from within the walls of this small 160 bed facility that was originally designed and built by the British back in 1938 when the Gambia was part of the British Empire.


Hospital type District General Hospital
Local language
Funding Status NGO/Charity


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