Mercy University Hospital Cork, Ireland

Hospital description

This hospital offers PJ and Famulatur placements.

Located in the busy centre of Cork City, Mercy University Hospital is a voluntary, general acute hospital catering for both public and private patients. The hospital was established in 1857 by four Sisters of the Mercy Order; it was originally a 40-bed hospital. However, it has been exanded throughout its history, sometimes rapidly, both in terms of facilities and accommodation and has now grown into the second largest hospital in Cork. Mercy University Hospital has recently undergone a very significant capital development which included a relocation of its public wards into a new building and further development of various specialities within the Hospital (in the space vacated by the public wards). This includes a 50-bed acute psychiatric unit, new pathology and clinical pharmacology units, new endoscopy suites and coronary care unit (CCU).

There are about 350 beds at MUH and the hospital is still able to offer a wide range of specialities which provide in-patient, day patient, out-patient and emergency services, in addition to facilitating a Medical Undergraduate Training Programme that runs in association with the National University of Ireland.


Hospital type Referral/Teaching Hospital
Funding Status NGO/Charity
Hospital Setting Urban
Number of Beds 350
Number of Doctors 123


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