Northern District Hospital Luganville, Vanuatu

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The Northern District Hospital serves Vanautu’s northern islands and is the second largest hospital in the Republic of Vanuatu. It is a poorly resourced hospital but there is high morale amongst the workforce. The hospital has just over 100 beds spread over Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and TB wards, as well as hosting Outpatients, X-Ray, laboratory and limited ultrasound facilities. Part of the hospital has recently been rebuilt, and opened.

The Northern District Hospital is on a hill above Luganville, a relatively small town with fairly basic but adequate amenities. It is to this community, and those in the rural areas surrounding the town, to which the hospital provides services. The hospital also serves the people living on other northern islands of Vanuatu such as the Banks islands. The hospital is often under-funded by the central Vanuatuan Government and it often relies on aid from overseas countries; notably Australia, New Zealand, and China.

The hospital is on Espiritu Santo, a beautiful island in the northern archipelago of Vanuatu. The island has a reputation for excellent diving and the world’s largest divable wreck, the USS Coolidge, is off the coast. The hospital also hosts one of two hyperbaric chambers in Vanuatu (it is probably the better of the two facilities for diving medicine) and treats milder diving related illnesses, however, serious medical cases are evacuated to Australia and New Zealand by ProMedical, a dedicated private Antipodean medical extraction service.


Hospital type District General Hospital
Funding Status Member-state
Hospital Setting Semi-urban
Number of Beds 130
Number of Doctors Varie


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Q Hi there, myself and my colleague have tried to contact the hospital for the last 4 months with no success. We have sent emails with the required CVs and letters but had no response. We specified in the emails that our areas of interest were O&G and A&E... would we need to contact someone else for these areas? Anyone have any suggestions? As we are feeling very deflated as our medical school deadline is soon and we will have to find somewhere else if we don't get a response shortly. Thanks.

Asked by Maria (studying medicine)

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Q The website for Project MARC is no longer the correct website. Are there any other contact details for the organisation?

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