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Ghanzi is a town located in western part of The Republic of Botswana in southern Africa. It is the administrative centre of Ghanzi District, and is known as the “Capital of the Kalahari”. As the Capital of the Kalahari, Ghanzi is very remote and is best reached by air. The town has around 10,000 inhabitants and this community is made up of mainly Batswana, Bakgalagadi, Basarwa (Bushmen) and Baherero as well as Afrikaaners who own most of the surrounding farms. Ghanzi District measures 117,910 km2 and is bordered by Ngamiland to the North, Central District to the East, and Kgalagadi and Kweneg Districts to the South. Its western border is shared with Namibia.

There are lots of interesting things to see in Ghanzi, as it is a Bushmen town. Kuru has a small shop there, where a person is able to buy various handcrafted bushmen articles. There are a few sightseeing spots in Ghanzi for example lions, cheetahs and wild dogs can be seen. There is also a place called “Ghanzi gat”. This is a hole that was made while the tar road was being made in Ghanzi, but while using dynamite to break the rock open, the people accidently opened a water vein. This filled the 40m deep hole with water.

On the outskirts of Ghanzi there are many people who live in squalid conditions. These households have higher rates of HIV/AIDS and TB and often slip through the social security net. The two small communities of East and West Hanahai are 50km south-east of Ghanzi The 300 and 500 villagers, respectively, are Baswara (Bushmen) in majority. Although there is a primary school and a church, most households have no electricity, no running water and no sewage system and there is almost no employment. It is here that there is a rare opportunity to meet people from one of the oldest known cultures in the world and one of the fastest disappearing.

An annual farm show in August attracts many people from all over southern Africa. It is also a great time where all the people in Ghanzi come together and celebrate. Auctions are also held at the premises and BDF (Botswana Defence Force) usually comes to show their weaponry. Ghanzi is also a stop over point for travellers wishing to visit the Okavango Delta; there are many lodges in the area and one filling station, namely Shell. It is the only available fill-up point between Kang and Maun, which is a span of about 500 km, if you are travelling to the Okavango Delta. The major places where a tourist can stay is Kalhari arms, Khawa Lodge, Thakadu Camp and TauTona Lodge.


Hospital type District General Hospital
Local language English/ Setswana/ Afrikans/ A variety of Khosian click languages
Funding Status Public


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