Hospital de Niños Sor María Ludovica

Specialist Hospital/Clinic | La Plata, Argentina

Hospital description

The Interzonal Hospital of Acute Paediatric care – Sor Maria Ludovica – is in the city of La Plata and offers specialist pediatric care. In the Province of Buenos Aires, this provincial referral centre often surpasses others of the province and even the country. It develops medical care, teaching and research.
Patients range from newborns and premature births in the hospital’s neotatology department, up to adolescent patients, whose care is gradually phased out to adult care providers between the ages of 15 and 18. In recent years, the hospital has discharged around 15000 patients, with a mortality rate of just 1.5%
The hospital’s neonatology services include the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (UCIN), where extremely premature babies with a birth weight under 16lb (450g) are treated, as well as newborns with serious birth defects that require surgical treatment, or congenital diseases which demand sophisticated treatments to aid breathing. The UCIN has access to cutting-edge equipment to these ends.
Sor María Ludovica has invested in advanced surgical technology in recent years, and leads the field nationally in many areas. It is the only public hospital in Argentina which offers pediatric limb implants using microsurgical techniques, and also specialises in many other forms of pediatric transplant surgery, including heart, bone marrow, .
The hospital’s reconstructive surgical team, involved in treating children with severe burns and deformities, has won prizes for its high-quality treatments.
The use of laser technology in various surgeries, including orthopaedic surgery, has been an unprecedented advance in Argentinian medicine, as has the introduction of video-assisted surgery in pediatric spinal surgeries. The surgery department have also begun using video-assisted laporoscopy techniques in other surgeries, and several laporoscopic splenectomies have already taken place.


Hospital type Specialist Hospital/Clinic
Local language Spanish
Funding Status Public


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