La Loma Luz Hospital

Missionary Hospital | San Ignacio, Belize

Hospital description

As of April 2015, TEN understand that this hospital is only taking electives students from linked Adventist schools and doesn’t have the capacity for other students. We will check again periodically and change these details when appropriate.

La Loma Luz meaning ‘Light on a Hill’ is a private, not-for-profit mission hospital that has 20 beds and is located in Santa Elena, Cayo. Santa Elena was recently absorbed by neighbouring San Ignacio, which also has a small (public) hospital. La Loma Luz is sponsored by Mission Projects Inc., a religious charity which raises funds and organises volunteers to maintain and staff the hospital. For this reason, the facility provides a complete clinic and hospital, including major surgeries and dental work. Several thousand people are treated each year and the hospital has an excellent reputation in Belize for “loving, quality Christian care.” Whilst La Loma Luz primarily serves the local towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, it frequently receives patients from all over Belize and has an average occupancy of 60%, with about 40 outpatient visits each day.

Students traveling to Belize in the month of March will have the unique opportunity to provide first aid and sometimes even ALS to participants of the infamous canoeing race that starts in San Ignacio and ends at Belize City.

Students who take their elective in Belize are seldom disappointed as the country has many sights and a diverse cultural background, although the country is not recommended for those looking for a heavy clinical elective. This elective may be better suited to students with an interest in mission hospitals, but could provide an interesting elective to any prospective student.


Hospital type Missionary Hospital
Local language English (Creole) / Spanish
Funding Status Private


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