San Ignacio Hospital

District General Hospital | San Ignacio, Belize

Hospital description

The San Ignacio Hospital is part of the Western Regional Health Service in Belize and has contacts with the Western Regional Hospital (previously Belmopan hospital). Although a small facility, San Ignacio has a busy outpatients department, but only a small number of beds available for inpatients. The hospital primarily provides services in General Medicine, Maternity and delivery and this is a good elective for students who want to specialise in Obstetrics/Maternity as Belize has a high birth rate among indiginous peoples. This means that students are exposed to a variety of cultural traditions and experiences whilst on their elective.

Additional services are provided to San Ignacio from the Western Region Hospital each week. These include a visiting paediatrician, general surgeon, and gynaecologist who come to run specialist clinics. The San Ignacio hospital and associated clinic serves a population of 22,114 and a catchment of twenty two (22) communities.

Students travelling to Belize in the month of March will have the unique opportunity to provide first aid and sometimes even ALS to participants of the infamous canoeing race that starts in San Ignacio and ends at Belize City.

The hospital is in San Ignacio, the capital of the Cayo district, which is a provincial and rural area of Belize. The town has recently absorbed the satellite village of Santa Elena, where there is another hospital, and together these two now make the second larged urban area in Belize.

Belize is a good choice for students who want to take an elective in South America but who do not speak Spanish. As an ex-colony of the British Empire, most Belizans speak English, although as San Ignacio is a smaller, more remote hospital, students may find that locals prefer to speak Spanish or one of the other local dialects (of which there are a number).


Hospital type District General Hospital
Local language English / Spanish
Funding Status Public


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