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Set in the western highlands, St John’s is a beautiful little general hospital in Koinambe that has the only doctors in the whole of the Jimi Valley (an area with 33,000 people). The hospital is administrated by the Anglican Health Service, under the title of Papua New Guinea Church Partnership (PNGCP), who also run St Margaret’s Hospital and St Barnabas’s Hospital. St John’s is the least established of these three hospitals and only received its first permanent staff in 2001, when two doctors joined the hospital via Voluntary Service Overseas, a UK based organisation.

The hospital has undergone some significant development over the last decade, including the introduction of hydroelectricity and the rebuilding of its outpatients’ unit, which had to be dismantled due to the level of destruction wrought by white ants. The main hospital ward has also been refurbished and cubicalised and there are plans to extend the remaining buildings.

The hospital runs a daily outpatients clinic and regular antenatal clinics. The hospital has extremely limited facilities but the mission that finances the hospital is hopeful that a laboratory can be developed in the near future, in addition to the installation of a generator to provide electricity for lights in the evening and for emergencies when the hydroelectric system is not sufficient.

St John’s is at a fairly early stage of development, but located in a area of great need as the ten Government Aid Posts in this area have been closed.


Hospital type Missionary Hospital
Local language Pidgen English, English
Funding Status NGO/Charity


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