Good Shepherd Hospital Siteki, Swaziland

Hospital description

Located near the eastern border of Swaziland in Siteki, the Good Shepherd Hospital is a 201-bed rural hospital run by the Catholic Diocese in partnership with the Government. GSH is the sole hospital responsible for the health care of the Lubombo Region, making up around 1/4 of the land area of Swaziland. This catchment area comprises of 250,000 people predominantly from the rural community and the hospital also oversees the running of 20 rural clinics.

An elective at Good Shepherd provides the following:

  • Unprecedented access to patient care and outstanding clinical spectrum in a Regional hospital
  • Front-line care in a Primary Health setting
    - Pockets of true excellence in Medicine
  • Being part of an enthusiastic team
    - Minimal bureaucracy and well organised
    - Possibility of small research projects
    - Friendliness of staff and clinical mentors
    - Extra-ordinary natural beauty
    - Inexpensive and very accessible

The hospital prefers elective students who are committed for at least a month.

A note on medicine in Swaziland

With no medical schools in Swaziland, most physicians are foreign-trained. With an average of one doctor per 30,000 people, nurse practitioners and foreign medical volunteers are also used to staff the 134 clinics throughout the country. The Swazi government subsidizes many non-government health providers, such as Good Shepherd Hospital. The language spoken in the Medical context is English and use is made of siSwati translators where needed. There are excellent local protocols but in their absence, South African standards, protocols and medications are commonly used.


Hospital type District General Hospital
Funding Status NGO/Charity
Number of Beds 201

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Our `on the ground` section contain inside knowledge about Good Shepherd Hospital
collected by the TEN team, including information about teaching, research
and living in the area.

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