Ekwendeni Mission Hospital Ekwendeni, Malawi

Hospital description

Founded in 1889 by Dr Walter Elmslie from Aberdeen, Ekwendeni Hospital is a general hospital with 230-bed capacity owned by CCAP Synod of Livingstonia since 1962. It serves a catchment area of 45,000 and has a wider referral area of 120,000. The hospital employs 170 staff and sees over 21,000 out-patients every year, of which over 7,000 are usually admitted. It accommodates 3,000 births a year. In addition, there is a nutrition rehabilitation unit, ophthalmology unit and dental surgery and a busy laboratory, conducting nearly 27,000 tests every year.

There is a strong and active Primary Healthcare Department, based on community participation. This organises maternal and child health clinics (18,000 vaccinations a year), family planning, water and sanitation projects, rural housing, community grain banks, women’s savings and credit schemes, AIDS and malaria control programmes, a fertiliser revolving fund and a micro-nutrient programme.

The conditions in the hospital are quite poor, most of the equipment has been donated from hospitals in the western world and there is a very limited range of drugs. The hospital is located in the small village of Ekwendeni, and is only a short bus journey from the larger town Mzuzu where there is internet access, a larger range of shops and the main bus station. Buses regularly leave for destinations all over Malawi including Nkhata Bay, the beautiful lakeside resort approximately an hour away.


Hospital type Missionary Hospital
Funding Status NGO/Charity
Hospital Setting Rural
Number of Beds 230


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Q I can't seem to contact this hospital by any of the emails provided, has anyone got an alternative?

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