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Bairo Pite Clinic is a primary healthcare clinic run by Dr Dan Murphy.
Dan works 6 and half days a week, with a teaching round on Sunday mornings.
Primary health care is a top priority for the Bairo Pite Clinic; upwards of 600 patients are seen each day. Services provided by the Bairo Pite Clinic include:
Tuberculosis (TB) treatment and control. There are now more than 1,000 patients registered in the TB program, which includes treatment, education, and follow-up care. Beds at the clinic are reserved for those TB cases too sick for outpatient treatment or for those coming from distant areas. Twenty additional beds for longer-term TB treatment are located at Sister Lourdes Kolohun site, which is visited by Bairo Pite staff twice a week.
Maternity and infant care. Four beds are devoted to maternity services at the clinic, which averages 60 deliveries per month. Bairo Pite Clinic participates in the national midwife training program.
In-patient services. Ten in-patient beds are used primarily for diseases, such as malaria, gastroenteritis, and pneumonia.
Dental services. Dental care is now limited to extractions but will soon expand to restorative work and training as part of an Australian overseas aid project.
Vaccinations. Childhood vaccinations, as part of a wider UN supported programme, are given at the Bairo Pite Clinic twice weekly.
Health outreach. The clinic participates in many mobile clinics in the remote and often-neglected mountainous areas, and receives patients from all over the country. Dr. Murphy is working to develop a program of health promotion and prevention with links to mountain villages, with the Bairo Pite Clinic serving as the training site for village health workers. However, more funding is needed to make this program a reality.


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