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Outworld Medical Rescue Services (formerly Global Medical Rescue Services) specialise in Wilderness, Expedition and Remote Medicine, as well as Rescue and Survival medical training, and use as their motto, Sir Walter Scott’s mantra “The will to do, The soul to dare” and the philosohy ‘Real medicine in the real world.’. Outworld provides a specialist tailored service to medical practitioners and students who are interested in working in a different medical environment, providing doctors interested in Wilderness Medicine, Expedition Medicine, Remote Medicine, International Medicine, ‘3rd-4th-5th’ World Medicine and Austere Medicine with appropriate training for these fields, which whilst they have similarities are different fields of medicine, though the knowledge, skills and experience needed to function in one may serve for practice in others.

WILDERNESS MEDICINE is typically defined as medical care in a setting hours away from assistance. GMRS course concentrates on situations where western conveniences such as helicopter evacuation and mobile phones are not options available to the expedition medical practitioner. Instead Outworld’s courses and programs instruct in courses of action where access to supplies are minimal and there is little to no extended time frames of care.

EXPEDITION MEDICINE is typically defined as medical care in a specific setting for days, weeks or more. It is usually practiced in the
second or third world, in the open ocean, or at the poles. Practitioners working in this field often care for a fairly large group and the medical component is an integral part of the expedition but is never the focus of the expedition.

REMOTE, INTERNATIONAL, ‘3rd-4th-5th’ WORLD and AUSTERE MEDICINE incorporates medical care in a specific setting for a time frame of between several weeks to an indefinite encampment. These types of medicien are usually located in remote clinics, bush hospitals,
refugee camps, and other similar establishments. Doctors and medical practitioners working in these settings are exposed to acute injuries and illnesses, chronic diseases, public health issues and much more.

An Outworld course is demanding, and as a result Outworld is quite specific about people who are accepted onto their courses. The most important aspect is to have an open mind, a commitment to working hard during your elective and a positive attitude – working in the wilderness is challenging, rewarding and mentally taxing; be prepared to learn, be amazed and also exhausted if you take an elective with Outworld Medical Rescue Services.


Hospital type Other
Local language English
Funding Status NGO/Charity


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