Mbozi Mission Hospital Mbeya, Tanzania

Hospital description

The Mbozi Mission Hospital is located in the south west of Tanzania and is run by the Moravian Church in Tanzania. The hospital is located in the Mbeya region and has 100 beds. Malaria is a significant problem in the region and is one of the leading community diseases. The hospital specialises in obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics and also plays host to a large number of nursing students.


Hospital type Missionary Hospital
Funding Status NGO/Charity
Hospital Setting Rural
Number of Beds 100


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Our `on the ground` section contain inside knowledge about Mbozi Mission Hospital
collected by the TEN team, including information about teaching, research
and living in the area.

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Q Hi, I just read your reviews and I have to say, that I’m very impressed. I’m currently looking for a good place to stay in Tanzania and this hospital sounds pretty good. Actually it almost sounds to “European” compared to some other reviews. While honestly concerning to apply at the Mbeya hospital I’d like to ask you some more questions. First of all were you be able to do as much as you were confident of doing on a patient or did you just have a position as an observer? And how did you manage the language barrier? Could anybody translate Swahili into English for you or was it impossible to communicate with the patient and take a history e.g.? To wrap it up, it would be great if you could tell me more about your accommodation. I assume you had electricity and running ware supply? And how did you like the surrounding area? Would it be easily possible to go on some trips to explore the country? Thank you very very much for your response. If possible it would be awesome if you could also post some contact info or contact persons of whom I could get more information from All the best, cheers Mo

Asked by Moritz (studying medicine)

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