HELIOS Klinikum Muenchen West

Referral/Teaching Hospital | München, Germany

Hospital description

This hospital is part of the Rhön-Klinikum AG which has clinics across Germany. However, its history goes back to 1848 when it was the asylum and hospital of the district on the left bank of the river Isar. In 1919 it became a regional hospital and became known as München-Pasing in 1939.

At the end of the war it was destroyed by aerial bombing and had to be completely reconstructed. The new hospital opened in 1967. It was sold to Rhön-Klinikum AG in 2005 when it also became a teaching hospital of the LMU.

The hospital itself provides core medical care to the local area and works in partnership with the Klinik München Perlach.

In 2013 both hospitals were sold, became integrated into the HELIOS group, and had another name change. The hospital Munich Perlach became the HELIOS Klinik München Perlach, the former Klinikum München Pasing is now named HELIOS Klinikum München West.

It treats about 19.000 in-patients and 69.000 out-patients a year. It is specialised in oncology, cardiology and gastroenterologie and consists of more than 10 departments.

The Klinikum München West is about 40 Kilometers away from the airport Munich and can easily be reached by train and tram.

In its role as a teaching hospital (Akademisches Lehrkrankenhaus) it will accept German students during their practical year (Praktisches Jahr). Places are available in the area of internal medicine, surgery, anaesthetics, gynaecology, ENT and radiology.


Hospital type Referral/Teaching Hospital
Local language German
Funding Status Private


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