Ibulanku Community Health Centre

Missionary Hospital | Ibulanku, Uganda

Hospital description

The Ibulanku Community Health Centre issituated in Ibulanku, a small township just north of Lake Victoria in Eastern Uganda. It opened in 2003 and is a level III health centre which is working toward hospital status. The centre provides a fair range of services, including; maternity care and antenatal classes, primary health care, some surgery procedures and immunisation programmes. There are five main wards at the hospital; an eight bed Paediatric ward, a seven bed women’s ward, a four bed men’s ward, a two bed maternity ward and a nutrition ward. The clinic functions as a rural health care centre, so more seriously ill patients are transferred to the main hospital at Iganga (about 10 kilometres distant). The main illnesses at the clinic are malaria (the most common), fever, diahorrea and vomiting, headaches and migraines. Most patients presenting these symptoms usually recover well and are discharged within two or three days.

In 2009 the Australian government funded the construction of an HIV/AIDS clinic at Ibulanku Community Health Centre and there is also some work with HIV/AIDS orphans through the associated primary school. The centre is also receives funds for the provision of a malaria prevention programme, which comes from charitable bodies in Australia. The main contributor to the Health Centre is an Australian Anglican community, the congregation of St Alban’s Anglican Church in Leura, NSW. Much of the funding for the health centre is provided by an annual community second hand book sale at St Alban’s, all of the proceeds of which, go to Ibulanku. The centre is also supported by the Darwin Camera Club, and members of the club offer volunteer work to the centre increasingly regularly.


Hospital type Missionary Hospital
Local language Lugandan, English
Funding Status NGO/Charity


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