Monorom Clinic & Takhmau Referral Hospital (Global Medical Projects)

General Clinic | Takeo Town, Cambodia

Hospital description

Both the clinic and the hospital are in a suburb of Phnom Penh, but the clinic is much closer to Phnom Penh city center. The clinic is off a busy main road into Phnom Penh, while the hospital is located on its own grounds with dirt paths and separate buildings for each of the departments in the hospital. The hospital is very large with at least 25-30 doctors.

The clinic has four open beds and four separate examination rooms. Each day, there is usually one or two doctors with two nurses. It is located on a busy main road that leads right into the centre of Phnom Penh, as the clinic is located about a 15 minute tuktuk drive into town. As for the hospital, it is located a bit farther out of Phnom Penh (about 15 minutes drive from the clinic). It consists of a number of separate buildings for various medical departments, which includes wards such as obstetrics, paediatrics, and general medicine. The walkways and roads between the buildings are made of dirt, and the hospital buildings themselves are quite old. The walls tend to be quite dirty, and there are generally six beds per room on the ward. There are many doctors, nurses, some physiotherapists (for which there is an active charity that works with the hospital to promote physiotherapy), and additional hospital staff.

Takhmau Referral Hospital
The hospital is set up with a distinct hierarchy, with doctors placed very firmly at the top and other members of staff taking cues from the doctors. This can cause some difficulties as patients tend to be ignored by all staff in the hospital until a doctor has free time to see them. Staff are however, very friendly and helpful. As with a number of developing countries, the standards of hygiene are not high and a sterile environment is not a top priority; patients routinely bring in their own food to the hospital and this is rarely, if ever, refridgerated. Due to the limited availability of materials, there is a lot of reuse of materials in both the clinic and hospital and decisions are sometimes made about treatment based on who needs the materials more.

Monorom Clinic
Staff at Monorom clinic are described as extremely friendly and helpful, and previous students have commented that staff actually act as a surrogate family due to the accommodation being co-located with the clinic. The clinic provides a good learning environment and time to learn about the various drugs available, as well as the option to prescribe for patients in various medical situations. Previous students have commented that it is interesting to see the alternate way of dealing with medical emergencies and day-to-day complaints.


Hospital type General Clinic
Local language Khmer
Funding Status NGO/Charity


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