Klinika za Djecje bolesti Zagreb (Children's Hospital, Zagreb)

Specialist Hospital/Clinic | Zagreb, Croatia

Hospital description

The Klinika za Djecje bolesti Zagreb (Children’s Hospital Zagreb, and often called “Children’s Hospital” or “Klaićeva”) is a central and unique care institution for children and adolescents in Croatia. The hospital is located in central Zagreb, close to the national theatre. The hospital itself is made up of four buildings, constructed in the ‘Art Nouveau’ style and the hospital has been, and continues to be, at the forefront new achievements in the field of paediatrics in Croatia. In its own words, the hospital is “a modern European clinic built on solid foundations of a long tradition and experience.”

The Children’s Hospital cares for more than 11,500 patients annually and regularly performs more than a million medical procedures each year. This is in addition to an outpatient attendance of approximately 230,000 patients each year. The hospital operates on a philosophy of treating the child in prefernce to purely treating the disease, so that the wellbeing of children is put at the forefront of tackling their medical conditons. To facilitate this approach, the hospital has several associations with other facilities in both Croatia and internationally.

The hospital covers most paediatric specialties and strives to encompass the ethos of a “Baby Friendly Hospital” and a “Smile for the child,” continuously striving to be in step with the standards of modern children’s hospital.


Hospital type Specialist Hospital/Clinic
Local language Croatian
Funding Status Public


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