Ehime University Hospital

Referral/Teaching Hospital | To-on, Japan

Hospital description

Ehime University Hospital is the only university hospital in the Ehime Prefecture and strives to ensure patients receive safe and secure medical care whilst cooperating with medical institutions in the region. The hospitals’s biggest mission is to contribute to the improvement of Ehime Prefecture’s medical care through education, medical practice and research & development. The philosophy of the hospital is to “learn from the patients and give back to the to the patients”.

The hospital currently has 19 clinical departments including internal medicine and surgery . The hospital has recently opened a clinic for citizens to obtain a second opinion, a stop smoking clinic, a clinic for the treatment of infections obtained during overseas travel, an anti-aging clinic, an anti-aging skin clinic and it has also ensured that medical care is established by each organ type.

The hospital has also taken steps to enhance its amenities to include centralised ATMs, showers, coin-operated laundry facilities for patients and their families, a restaurant, a convenience store and a coffee shop.


Hospital type Referral/Teaching Hospital
Local language Japanese
Funding Status Unknown


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