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The Flughafenklinik (Airport clinic) Frankfurt/Main opened in 1972 and is the biggest airport clinic worldwide. It is situated right in the middle of the airport, in Terminal 1, between Halls B and C, as each plane must be reachable within three to four minutes. It is a private clinic, run by Fraport airport and is staffed around the clock, 365 days a year. It functions as a practical clinic both for the many employees at the airport and is as well an emergency clinic for ill passengers.There are 2 emergency medical specialists, 14 external medical specialists, ten nurses, physician assistants, and regularly medical students and other trainees. At night and weekends emergency physicians from clinics and regional hospitals are supporting the team.
They only do emergency work, for further treatment emergency patients are transferred to the surrounding hospitals. People will only be kept there for sleeping off their intoxication.
There is a X-ray and emergency room, a laboratory and a quarantine department for unclear diseases of passengers from abroad. They have 2 operation rooms rented out to some resident doctors for outpatient operations.
In addition, the airport clinic is connected to the airport’s emergency system and engaged with its own emergency rescue vehicles on the runway to collect patients directly out of the plane. There are 3 ambulances at the airfield and about 850 emergency responses per year.

It is the only hospital in Germany which also has the status of a vaccination centre where you can be vaccinated 24/7.

The staff is also trained and equipped in Disaster Relief – e. g. in the Tsunami crisis in 2004 they had to treat more than 14,000 people within eight days who came back from/escaped the crisis area.

In addition to the specific risks of air transport (emergency landings, forced landings, airplane accidents, fires and accidents at the bottom), in principle all diseases and emergencies are possible.
The main illnesses are heart attacks, thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, strokes, gastrointestinal problems, asthma and circulatory problems due to lack of fluid intake, chest pain, psychological problems as a result of fear of flying, alcoholism or highly contagious infectious diseases; but also causalities from car accidents on the runway. Many come also with cough, cold, diarrhea or circulation problems, some quickly come to get a recipe which they forgot to order but need for their flight.

Almost every day officials from customs, police and the Federal Border Police (BGS) send suspected drug couriers in the airport clinic to get an x-ray and sometimes patients are brought to the clinic after inflicting injuries on themselves to avoid being deported.

It is a very exciting, international and busy working place where you can deal with various topics.


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