Örebro University Hospital - Universitetssjukhuset Örebro, USÖ

Referral/Teaching Hospital | Örebro, Sweden

Hospital description

The hospital is operated by Örebro County Council and took its current name in 2000, having previously been called Örebro Regional Hospital. Örebro University and the County Council have long tried to establish a governmentally funded medical school in Örebro in collaboration with the hospital. On 30 March 2010, the university was granted the right to award medical degrees, making it the 7th medical school in Sweden.

Universitetssjukhuset Örebro (USÖ) is particularly successful in the areas of cardiac care, cancer care, eye care, urology, surgery, and hand surgery. Our primary cooperative partners are the Värmland, Dalarna, Sörmland, and Västmanland county councils. Together with Örebro University the hospital conducts clinical research that has the patient at its heart. Acclaimed research are in the fields of infection and inflammation, gastroenterology, pain management and cancer.

The hospital is located between Örebro city centre and city park.


Hospital type Referral/Teaching Hospital
Local language Swedish, some English spoken
Funding Status Public


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