Horana Base Hospital

| Horana, Sri Lanka

Hospital description

Sri Lanka provides free universal health care. It is known for having one of the world’s earliest known healthcare systems and has its own Ayurvedic medicine.

Health care for the people of Sri Lanka is organized through both public and private sectors and includes the services of those practicing within the Western (allopathic) system of health care, traditional systems of medicine, especially the Ayurvedic system, and other types of health care including homeopathy.

There are different categories of hospitals in Sri Lanka such as General National Hospital, Teaching Hospital, Provincial General Hospital, District General Hospital, Base Hospital, Divisional Hospital and Special Hospital. Categories are based on the quality and services provided, bed capacity, specialty, and area of coverage.

In Sri lanka, there are two types of Base Hospitals categorized as A and B. Categorisation is based on the available facilities provided in the hospital. Horana Base Hospital (Type A) caters mainly to people from the Horana area.



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