ACURA Akutkliniken für Rheumatologie und Psychosomatik

Specialist Hospital/Clinic | Baden-Baden, Germany

Hospital description

The ACURA Hospitals in Baden-Baden, Germany, are highly specialized acute care hospitals for Internal Medicine / Rheumatology and Psychosomatics that are renowned throughout Germany. In addition, there is a Medical Care Centre which covers a number of outpatient specialties for regional provision of medical care. The strengths of the ACURA Hospitals are their high level of medical expertise and their nationwide reputation among physicians and patients. Their location in the centre of Baden-Baden is highly attractive for international patients as well, who flock to us from all over the world.

History, Architecture and Location of the Hospital
In 1890, the Landesbad Baden-Baden was established as the forerunner of today’s Acura Department for Rheumatic Diseases Baden-Baden in the spa quarter of the city of Baden-Baden and in the immediate vicinity of the city’s Roman bath ruins. The hospital is located in the heart of the world-famous resort of Baden-Baden (40,000 inhabitants), situated on the edge of the Black Forest in south-western Germany.
The hospital was enlarged with several extensions in 1910 and 1938. In the 1960s, the clinic focused more and more on treatment of patients with rheumatic diseases. In 1979 a modern new building with two-bed rooms and departments for diagnostics and occupational therapy was erected. At that time, the hospital became one of Germany’s leading acute care rheumatism hospitals for internal rheumatology and physical therapy (“State Rheumatism Hospital Baden-Baden”). In 1997, the state of Baden-Württemberg sold the hospital to the hospital entrepreneur Rüdiger Hurrle; since then it has been working under the name of Rheumazentrum Baden-Baden GmbH.

The hospital has an affiliation with the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg and acts as a teaching hospital (Akademisches Lehrkrankenhaus) that will accept German students during their practical year (Praktisches Jahr).


Hospital type Specialist Hospital/Clinic
Local language German
Funding Status Private


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