Princess Marina Hospital Gaborone, Botswana

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Princess Marina is the largest referral hospital in Botswana with just over 500 beds. As the Princess Marina is the now Botswana’s main teaching hospital it has improved links with other organisations as it looks to improve teaching within the hospital and country-wide. These links make PMH a great prospect for students interested in completing a research element in their elective in one of the following elements;

• Improving Global Healthcare
• TB global treatment programmes

The Princess Marina Hospital (PMH) in the capital of Gaborone is one of the three main public hospitals in Botswana. Patients are commonly referred from smaller district hospitals and outreach clinics to PMH for specialized or complicated care. In-patients are cared for in medical wards, divided by gender. Spaces are open with many windows to allow for natural ventilation (no air-conditioning!). It contains a CT scanner and an MRI suite and in general it is a well equipped hospital but like the rest of the country it suffers from a severe shortage of trained healthcare staff.

Gaborone as the capital city of Botswana has many of the trappings of any city, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas, casinos etc. It also has golf and sailing clubs and is naturally positioned to be a starting point for travelling through Sothern Africa to South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Botswana also has the spectacular Okavango Delta in the North to welcome the intrepid traveller.

Baylor College of Medicine plays a very important role in outpatient paediatric HIV care and medical education at Princess Marina Hospital. They have maintained a large research and clinical facility, the Botswana-Baylor Children’s Clinical Center of Excellence, at Princess Marina Hospital since the spring of 2003, making a significant contribution to both outpatient and inpatient pediatric care and teaching.

Students interested in this global health improvement programme should explore the link with Addenbrooke’s Abroad which aims to:

  • To develop human resource (medical) in PMH
  • To help retain trained healthcare personnel
  • To improve the quality of healthcare including eye care in the country
  • To open up health care in PMH to global scrutiny

More information about this project can be found by clicking here

Students interested in research relating to TB should also check out the Botswana-UPenn Partnership and Global Health at Princess Marina Hospital project which currently has a research grant which focuses on improving 3 aspects of TB care in Botswana:

  • Contact tracing: children are prone to infection by TB. The team will do contact tracing in two key areas – families of children who are diagnosed with TB and children of adults who are diagnosed with pulmonary TB. This project has the potential to improve contact tracing in Botswana
  • TB diagnosis: TB is difficult to diagnose in children. The team will seek to optimize TB diagnosis by introducing a cough team to a district hospital in Botswana.
  • Pediatricians in Francistown: Two pediatricians will join the team at Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital and provide both in- and out-patient care. This area of the country has a particularly high prevalence of HIV and TB.


Hospital type District General Hospital
Funding Status Public
Hospital Setting Urban
Number of Beds 530

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Q Hi I am planning my elective to Princess Marina Hospital for next year and was wondering what accommodation options you guys chose and found? Please let me know! What is the range of prices there? Thank you!

Asked by Andrea (studying medicine)

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Q hi. Has anyone went to Princess Marina Hospital for an elevtive in the end? if so, can someone share their experience? Do you get to do much there? or are you just one of the many medical students? thank you!

Asked by Jia (studying medicine)

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Q I am looking to apply to Princess Marina Hospital for Dec 2014 but am not having any luck with the current contact (no reply after a couple of months of emails). Is there anyone else I am able to contact (perhaps go through the university)? Thank you!

Asked by Khasthuri (studying medicine)

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Q I am looking to apply for Princess Marina Hospital for July/August 2014 for my medical elective and emailed the contact from the "how to apply" link, however just received an email saying that contact only deals with medical students from UPEN. Could you upload a more current contact for this hospital please as I am really keen to do my elective here. Thanks!

Asked by Rebecca (studying medicine)

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