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Kamanga Health Centre (KHC) is located in Kamanga village, one of the villages in Nyamatongo ward, Sengerema District, on the shores of Lake Victoria in Mwanza. It opened in January 2018 and has an outpatient department and a reproductive and child health department. Having (affordable) medical and health services nearby is unique to the people of Kamanga, as primary health care used to be a long hour’s walk away. Kamanga has a population of around 4,350 people, however, KHC serves Nyamatongo ward and nearby wards, approximately over 30,000 people.

KHC disposes of basic, but brand new health facilities. KHC mainly serves minor emergencies and accidents as well as routine visits. Generally, we offer outpatient services, child and reproductive health services, HIV testing and counselling, labour and delivery services and minor surgery. KHC has a medical laboratory and a well-stocked pharmacy. Further, on the premises are nine staff houses, one of which is used for volunteers. These are located close to the lake which makes for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Unfortunately, like many other hospitals and health centres in Tanzania, KHC is understaffed. This means, however, that every student who chooses to do their elective with us is highly appreciated and has an impact in bringing quality health services to our patients and moving things forward in KHC.

At the moment, our team at KHC consists of 13 medical staff, 6 non-medical staff, 2 supporting staff and 4 volunteers.

Even though the health centre is located in a rural village setting, the nearest city, Mwanza, is only a 40 minute ferry ride away. Mwanza is a bustling city with many opportunities for dining and entertainment and makes for a pleasant trip on the weekends.


Hospital type Medical Centre
Local language Swahili and English
Funding Status Public


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