Bamalete Lutheran Hospital

Missionary Hospital | Ramotswa, Botswana

Hospital description

The Bamalete Lutheran Hospital in Ramotswa, is 35 km from Botswana’s growing capital Gaborone. It is the district hospital for the south-eastern district of Botswana and as a result it treats a large number of patients each year. The hospital’s standards and good reputation mean it is also a very popular hospital so often it treats patients from very far away. The hospital is close to the beautiful Mokolodi Nature Reserve which is one of the most well–established private reserves in Botswana.

The village of Ramotswa is more like urban sprawl; a real village does not exist, apart from the main road, along which there are a collection of gas stations and supermarkets. There are no typical round huts with thatched roofs, instead there are a number of square commercial buildings, which are surrounded by the brown earth of the Southern African bush.

Gaborone, the capital of the country is not far away and there you can find large supermarkets, shopping centres similar to any modern city with cinemas, good restaurants (besides diamonds Botswana produces an incredible amount of excellent beef). There is a golf course and the large reservoir where the Gaborone Sailing Club is based, there are also a number of Casinos, and American style hotels and bars.

The hospital is located at the end the main road and consists of many separate buildings, some of them with solar roofs. This pavilion style has emerged over the years as a result of ad hoc additions and renovations. The hospital itself still retains a real Christian ethos; for example morning prayers are still held by staff members before shift starts. The hospital is also heavily involved with AIDS treatment and is lucky enough to have the necessary infrastructure to lead the way’ in terms of public HIV/AIDS therapy.

Originally the hospital was funded by German Missionaries; in recent years (due to the money provided by the diamonds) funding has come from the government. However due to the economic downturn government funding is slowly reducing. In Botswana there are no training facilities for doctors so all doctors at the hospital are foreign. In fact since there is a shortage of doctors across the country, many investigations are carried out by nurses and some wards are run by nurses in the absence of doctors

As the main language spoken by patients is Setswana a “hospital orderly” is often present during consultations and their main task is the interpretation of English into Setswana.

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Hospital type Missionary Hospital
Local language English (Setswana spoken by many)
Funding Status Private


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